Welcome to my homepage

This page is a presentation of me, my skills, and my interests.

To avoid losing this domain...

As several cases in Denmark have resulted in companies "hijacking" domains from ordinary people I need to change my sites front page content to avoid losing my domain.

Examples of such takeovers are eof.dk, orango.dk, and klonk.dk.

If no changes are made to the site within a given timeframe your site is considered inactive and, apparantly, up for grabs. Domains used only for mail and subdomains are not considered as being active.

Hence, This post is made as both a complaint about these "hostile takeovers" and to show that my site is indeed still active and NOT for sale.

Tuesday, January 05 2010, 10:27

Rails 2.1.1

The whole site is now Rails 2.1.1 compliant.

Tuesday, November 04 2008, 22:22

My Nerd Score is 98

I just had to calculate my nerd score after seeing it on Pragmatic Andy's Blog. I am nerdier than 98% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Monday, August 13 2007, 19:21

Running on Rails

Finally my site is now DRY and running on Rails :-)

Saturday, May 19 2007, 17:12